What Others Are Saying:

I love the concept of this podcast, I wish I had thought of it. Goes in depth, which I like, not just [an] overview, they even go into the score, cinematography and editing. Great production value and chemistry between [the] hosts. Definitely a recommend.
Brian Alan DeLaneyiTunes5 stars
An entertaining concept that’s well delivered! It’s cool to see 2 different sides of the movie spectrum coming together.
GenreBot AdamiTunes5 stars
There are SO MANY movie reviewing podcasts, so you have got to have a great idea to get listeners, and this one has a great idea. Movie reviews are always better in a compare/contrast type of setting, and these fellows have picked great directors so far. Can’t wait to see them take on even bigger heavy hitters.
itskabesiTunes5 stars
This is one of those concepts you see and get mad that you didn’t come up with, its super interesting to hear people go into deep discussion about such interesting directors at their best and worst.
NerdsvsSmalleyiTunes5 stars
If you’re a fan of film at all, give the Coen brothers episode a listen. Got me hooked.
Johnny Wood IIIiTunes5 stars
Having only started recently these guys are naturals in the podcast world. Their idea and humor keeps it amusing while the facts and details that get analyzed keep it interesting. Their choices of directors and their commentaries are greatly entertaining. Definitely one of my favorite podcasts.
Jam actioniTunes5 stars
A more factual but well produced film discussion series. Nate and Austin sound great, bring lots of knowledge about the topics at hand, and mesh well together. Others in the film podcasters should take notice.
Josh MorganiTunes5 stars